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           Ah, autumn! That glorious season!

           The swelter of summer is past  { ?????}.

            The foliage explodes in riotous color, and it's time for


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Time for polkas 'til dawn. Time for swimming in beer. Time for  pigging out on fresh, delicious bratwurst.Maybe you can't make it to Oktoberfest this year. Maybe your awesome responsibilities keep you from revelling in this most Germanic of festivals.

 Still one should never miss the opportunity to celebrate anothers heritage.



The famed Oktoberfest began with a royal Bavarian wedding in 1810.

The groom, king Ludwig I, wanted to celebrate his marriage to Maria Teresa of Saxonia by proclaiming a state fair, in Munich.The festival was dedicated to the fall harvest and to the Regions most famous product, beer.

Tradesman and merchants came throughout Germany to join in the merry-making. They examined the Crops, sang songs, danced and sampled the first beer of the season. The celebration was such a success that Ludwig issued a royal Decree making Oktober festival time in Munich.

Ah yes...Oktoberfest - 16 days of drinking, eating, singing and dancing - used to begin in Oktober.However, in 1880, it was changed to begin in September because of the bad weather in Oktober.Now the Oktoberfest begins on a Samstag (Saturday) in September and ends the first Sonntag (Sunday) in Oktober.

typically, the Festival features beer drinking contests and Wuerstchen (sausage) eating contests.Gebratene Ochsen (roasted oxen), Haehnchen (rotisserie chicken),Steckerlfisch (fish on a stick), Bratwurst, and Brezeln are consumed in mass quantities.German men wear Lederhosen - leather shorts usually worn with suspenders, white shirts and knee-high stockings. German women are often dressed in the colorful Dirndl (flowery folk dresses).

 MY GERMANIC u didn't know... 

My family is descended from GEORGE ADAM STEFFLER, born in 1783 in Kaidenbourg, Bas Rhin, France. He was in the army of the First Napoleon in 1814, as a despatch carrier, and while so employed contracted the rheumatism from which he never fully recovered. He came to Canada in 1831 and stopped in Waterloo Co. and then continued on over to Puslinch in 1832, where he purchased 100 acres and there settled.  He was married to Elizabeth Weinsparger in Alsace. He died in 1867, age 84, while his wife died in 1869, age 84.  Mr.Steffler was an energetic man and very successful, leaving a fine property consisting of 125 acres fully equipped, having 2 children, Mary Ann and Casper. Arriving in UPPER CANADA, George Adam Steffler aquired property, on FEBRUARY 6, 1832 100 acres of land in the township of Puslinch, in the county of Halton, in the district of Gore, being the westerly half  of the clergy reserve, lot number 2, in the 7th concession . Here he built an  original log house , which remained standing as a workshop and woodshed until it was torn down In 1970.

GERMANS & BEER : Obviously, Bier plays an important role in this festival. But for Germans,Bier is not just a drink for celebrations. Many  Germans enjoy beer with their Mittagessen (mid-day meal) and Abendbrot (evening meal).There is even a non-alcoholic Kinderbier for children made out of malt.