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Midsummer Magic


Midsummer Magic | Astro Profiles

Who can resist  going out to play, when we can frolic in the woodlands til late at night ?
Paul Beyerl,  Master Herbalist


Confused and bewildered ?  Your external reality is the result of your inner motivations, responses,beliefs and attitudes....your inner landscape. When we struggle with internal conflict, our experience in the outer world becomes a jumble of outer conflicts and instability in the experiences we encounter. Understanding your individual birth chart can be an immense help in getting to the root of the social, political and parental influences that have conditioned you as you emerge into the world. When you know the CAUSE, you can begin to see the EFFECT. Self awareness becomes the only key to acquiring a balance within that is so necessary for peace and resolution in your outer experience.
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The Mystik Way

a journey for the Burgeoning Soul
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a poetic expose on my Gemini Sun
and Moon in Pisces

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