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Before you light another candle,

bee aware that mass marketed candles can be

hazardous to your health

please read the following consumer alert outling the hazards of candle burning today

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In thinking about offering a specialty line of candles for sale,

 I quite accidentally stumbled upon this consumer alert which caused me to immediately give pause to my idea. As such I now craft all my candles from pure beeswax and 100% cotton wicks. WHY BEESWAX ?

.....Did you know that paraffin is known to off-gas benzene without even being lit ? Beeswax burns more efficiently and cleanly than other wax compounds used in most unregulated candle markets today.

With beeswax you get a non-toxic, healthy alternative, that does not require the use of stearic acid, or other hardening agents. With 100% beeswax candles and natural wicks there are no additives. No paraffin. No lead-core wicks. No black soot deposits that can be equally harmful.

The wide use of aromatherapy combined with candles produces additional dangers with the release of potentially volatile aromatic hydro-carbons. With beeswax all you get is a subtle, natural scent. And on the plus side, as has always been know in mystical circles, the burning of beeswax helps to cleanse the air of negative ions.

My offerings include the following :

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BEESWAX BASICS - for general decor and the cleansing of negative energies within your home.  available as:
   HARMONY SET       3 votive set                                         $9.00
    CLEANSING                 molded decorative beehive               $9.00
    SPECIALTY CANDLES : for healing meditations or ritual work
       LUNAR LITES    set of 3 votives for use in aligning with the monthly Lunar Phases - New moon [for activation];  Full moon [consolidation] and dark moon [release]  . Comes packaged in Moon/stars gift box 
and includes words of Power for ritual workings.
      HEALING LITES  single use candles for specific works.
Includes words of Power for healing affirmations and suggested focusing
 tools for meditation.   
 Available for
              Freedom from Want
              Love and Happiness
              Psychic Cleansing
              Clarity                                                                               $9.00      
Ask about  my Solar Archetype gift set ~ a unigue gift for the celestially minded.
                  Bereavement candles also available by special request.