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Poverty Awareness Needed

Feeding the hungry is a greater work than raising the dead. -- St. John Chrysostom

The nature of poverty in the developed world differs greatly from that in the developing world. In developed countries, the majority of people commonly earn over 200 times the per capita (per person) income of the poorest developing countries. For this reason, developed nations usually measure the income level of poverty as a portion of average income or as an amount below which a person or family cannot afford basic needs, including housing. For people with low or no income, poverty often takes the form of homelessness; those in less extreme poverty often live in substandard and sometimes dangerous housing. Many of the poor in developed countries are also exposed to high levels of violence associated with drug dealing, spouse or child abuse, and other crime.



Only those who have walked the walk or have made personal effort to learn about  the issue of Poverty can truly understand the hell that it creates in the lives of those living it. When it is not knocking on your own door, it is easy enough to ignore, deny and otherwise disregard it's presence.  We all have seen the tortured images on television about the suffering in other countries, yet even in here in Canada the general population perceives it as a distant problem. Why do we seem to believe that the victims of poverty in third world countries are somehow more deserving of our attention and assistance than those
in our own nationwide communities. This I call the NIMBY consciousness.