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I am not a member of any group, cult or organized religion. Instead I seek after my own truth, in keeping with the tenets of gnosticism.




My personal journey has taken me through the depths of depressions which  have almost claimed my soul.

Finally after much struggle I have emerged from the darkness,with renewed understanding, hope and faith.

I have learned new ways to counter my internal reactions to vexations from without and have dedicated myself to the understanding that self-awareness, self-honesty and self-acceptance are the keys for gaining inner balance.


My pathwork as a Priestess has been a long term journey

 My bonuses in life include:

-unexpected opportunities to travel. I have visited the shrines and temples of Japan during a high school trip to Expo 70.

- experience in the international foreign exchange program as a host to visitors from Central America.

-a three month road trip travelling along the coast highway of America, through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

- being a mother to 2 wonderful daughters who, while they continue to challenge and perplex me, have proven to teach me much about myself

- after much disappointment, finally finding a partner who supports and sustains me and remains with me through my personal struggles

-the joy of 2 young grandchildren who have taught me once again to enjoy play and allow me to observe once again,  innocence and true purity of spirit.

-necessary privations which have taught me humility, and made me realise my own enduring ability to overcome

- encounters with UPO'S [unexplained phenomenal occurences]which have over and again proven to me that " all is not as it seems in life"

-encounters with death and loss that have made it easier to accept that when the body surrenders, the soul carries on ad infinitum.


My beliefs
I believe there is a greater plan behind all things; I believe in the duality of the Creator and the divinity within all beings; I believe in the ever-changing influence of the Lunar cycles and the symbology of the seasons; I believe in our astrological inheritance, but also that we may, by will and opportunity determine our individual destiny.
I believe we have the inner capacity to overcome whatever hinders,afflicts or deters us from positive advancement towards our ultimate mission in life.
I believe in the essence of the gnostic teachings as passed down through the Christ, but also that the bible itself as it is written is an unrealiable source of information about our true purpose and meaning in life.
I believe in Sincerity, Compassion, Generosity, Honor, Truth,Kindness and Respect and I believe in the Laws of Right Living as our guide to the advancement of our soul's destination.
I believe that Trust is desirable, as is Love, but that both can be
subject to distortions or abuses. I believe that when Jesus said"judge not" it was not his meaning to abandon ALL judgement, as without reasonable and appropriate judgement we would all be at the mercy of chaos.
I believe there is a difference between judgement and prejudice and it is the latter which we are meant to avoid. I believe that religious prejudice and persecution for individual beliefs creates only hatred and that hatred is the real evil among us.
I believe that as long as Greed, Fanaticism, Narrow-Mindedness,
Legislated Poverty, Political misrepresentation, Globally induced famine, imbalanced monetary distributions, the obsession with power and the abuse of resources continue there must be wars.
I believe that as long as the Takers keep Taking, and the followers keep blindly following in ignorance , planetary oblivion continues to be a threat.